Landscaping & Consruction


Many things affect the way we live our lives today and what we want from our garden. Today’s garden is very much an extension of our family living space, a place for relaxation, entertaining and enjoyment.

Whether you choose to undertake a full garden project or re-design a part of your garden, the choices are endless.

Garden landscaping includes many components within the garden ranging from paving, decking, walling to turfing and offers you the choice to simply include one, or many of these elements, to create your own unique garden space.

At Arboreus we understand that a garden landscaping project is a significant investment both financially and personally, that’s why we offer bespoke guidance and advice with all our gardening projects to ensure you get the garden exactly as you want it.


Landscaping garden patios, drainaige  (2) Landscaping garden patios, drainaige  (4)


Garden Walls

Garden walls can help to define a garden’s space and style. They can be formed for privacy, raised beds for planting, to retain an area of earth, to compliment a patio or simply to divide your garden.

There are many types of materials to choose from and these include

  •  Stone
  •  Brick
  •  Block
  •  Rendered and harled
  •  Timber


Retaining wall useing cabbion cages  (1) Retaining wall useing cabbion cages  (2)

Good design and construction is vital to a long lasting and stable wall which is why all of our structures are competently built to specification.

Retaining wall useing cabbion cages  (3) Retaining wall useing cabbion cages  (6)



Patios, Paths & Paving

Introducing a patio to your garden provides a place to entertain or space to simply sit back and relax. Gardens Galore create all types of patio using a vast choice of materials ranging from natural sandstone, slate to a large collection of concrete products.

Preparation is key to a long lasting patio and that is why all our paving is laid to exact specification.

Your patio can be built to any shape or size to suit both your lifestyle and your garden space.

Choose materials to compliment your property or create contrast for impact.

Patio with pergola hot tube and electrics (1)  Patio with pergola hot tube and electrics (2)

Old decking area 1  New slab patio



Paths are more than just a way of linking one place to another, pathways can be the heart and soul of a garden. Their installation gives direction to a space, defines its edges, leads the way to a focal point or simply makes access to all of the plantings much easier. Slabs or block paving or even gravel, the choice is yours!


Block paving (1) Block paving (2)……



Whatever your needs may be, trust Arboreus to bring your ideas to life!